With the ever changing regulatory landscape in the various states across the country, as well as the location specific rules and regulations for the competitive procurement of electricity, it is more important than ever to engage a trusted partner to help you navigate the complexities of the electricity industry.

As a full service technical consultant for electricity, our team of Engineers, Analysts, and other industry professionals are uniquely qualified to help you with:

  • Complete process oversight and data warehousing
  • Implementation of both retail and wholesale procurement strategies
  • Competitive bidding and supplier qualification
  • Contract review and negotiation of terms and conditions
  • Usage and load profile analysis for accounts
  • Market intelligence and transaction timing
  • Energy efficiency initiatives
  • Demand Response program participation
  • Peak Load Contribution (PLC) management
  • Supplier and Distribution company Invoice auditing and review
  • On-site support

As a decision maker for your company, you should hire a partner that has proven industry experience, with a large market presence, and un-matched technical qualifications.  That trusted partner is KEYTEX Energy.