School Districts

For School Districts

Unique Challenges for School Districts

The contract approval process for energy is typically done through school board meetings; however electricity and natural gas price quotes expire at the close of business each day. This can be logistically challenging.

Business managers and/or Superintendents are typically responsible for the energy contracts for their district. Having the proper expertise to adequately understand the highly complex energy commodity market, along with all of the industry specific contract language, deal structures, and processes pose a significant challenge to staff that is already spread thin with managing all of the other operations of the school district.

With energy commodities, there are very good times to transact in the market cycle, and very bad times to transact. Simply transacting when your existing contract is nearly over puts your district at risk, because the market may be at a very bad entry point, causing the district to lock in at inflated prices.

In the school district world, Business Managers and/or Superintendents are expected to represent to the school board that all of these things are being done properly and that district costs are being minimized to the greatest extent possible. This is difficult to properly handle internally.

How We Can Help

KEYTEX Energy specializes in working with school districts, understanding your unique challenges and giving you the peace of mind that proper decisions are being made:

  • We provide you with a single point of contact that gives you access to our entire team of energy professionals. We make sure NOTHING is missed, and we make sure everything is done according to “Best Practices” for the industry.
  • We are available to attend school board meetings, as necessary, to educate the school board. We assist Business Managers and/or Superintendents with preparing school board resolutions that are worded properly in order to get the necessary approvals to transact on energy contracts.
  • We provide market updates and recommendations as to exactly WHEN your next contract should be signed, so that you can maximize your savings.
  • We are available to audit any energy invoice, and we take the lead in getting billing errors corrected.