National Accounts

National Accounts

Unique Challenges of Multi-Location Companies

Due to the sheer number of facilities you have, your spend on electricity is significant. As a result, errors or oversights in managing your energy accounts are magnified and can be costly.

Your facilities span multiple electric distribution companies (EDCs), each of which have their own unique rate schedules. Auditing all bills for correct rate schedules and other billing errors is impossible unless you are trained to understand rate structures.

Understanding the details of energy deregulation and how it applies to each individual site within your organization is critical to mitigating the amount you spend on energy. Not only is deregulation status unique to each state, but it’s unique to different EDCs within a state. Letting accounts that should be competitively shopped remain on default service because you don’t understand which accounts can be shopped, and when, can be costly to your company.

Putting together meaningful budgets can be impossible when you can’t project the status of deregulation at each location, or the effect that rate caps and constantly fluctuating energy markets will have on your energy spend.

How We Can Help

KEYTEX Energy specializes in working with school districts, understanding your unique challenges and giving you the peace of mind that proper decisions are being made:

  • We comprehensively manage all aspects of your energy procurement, developing and implementing a well thought out strategic procurement plan for ALL of your facilities.
  • We evaluate the state of energy deregulation at all of your facilities, taking into account the EDC and state specific rules and timing for each.
  • We provide detailed bill auditing services at agreed upon intervals to assure you that accounts are on proper rate schedules, and that tax treatment is correct.
  • We collaborate with you to provide customized reporting which incorporates information that is relevant to your business.
  • We conduct regular market update meetings with the appropriate personnel within your company.
  • We actively manage contract extensions on a DAILY basis by monitoring the forward energy markets.
  • We make strategic recommendations on the timing of these extensions, helping you avoid the risks of having to transact during excessively high prices at the end of your contract period. It is much better to take advantage of occasional downturns in the market, even if your current contract is not up, than to wait until the end of your contract and HOPE that the market is low.