Invoice Management

invoice management

Processing utility invoices on a monthly basis can be a time consuming task, often undertaken by personnel that have no idea as to whether the invoice they are paying is correct or in-line with appropriate historical levels.  This problem can be magnified when the number of accounts being managed becomes large.  Often this leads to invoices being paid late, or worse, invoices being paid that have errors such as incorrect rate codes, incorrect tax treatment, or errors in other billing determinants that may never be caught.

 KEYTEX Energy can help manage this problem with our unique Invoice Management solutions, which are supported by our full team of Engineers, Analysts, and other industry professionals.  These solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Complete process oversight and data warehousing
  • The ability to have invoices mailed or electronically delivered directly to our system
  • Invoices can either be paid by a 3rd party, after auditing, or you can be notified that an invoice has been audited and is ready for payment by you
  • The ability to not only manage energy related invoices, but also other non-energy monthly invoices, such as water, telecom, as well as others
  • Tariff validation and optimization
  • Facility benchmarking based upon usage
  • Weather normalization of data
  • Error discovery
  • Complete reporting based upon numerous metrics and groupings